Insect Growth Regulator - 1 oz.


Insect Growth regulators work great on Fleas and Cockroaches. Mix Martin's I.G. Regulator at a rate of 1oz in a gallon of water. Use it by itself or combine with Permacide or Cyper eight! 

Insect growth regulators stop insects from reaching maturity and therefore unable to reproduce. We recomend using Martin's IG Regulator along with a residual insectice on stubborn Flea and Cockroach infestations!

long-term solution you need to keep those pests away. Mix 1 ounce of this insect growth regulator with 1 gallon of water, then spray the solution on trouble areas such as on

For Roaches treat directly into hiding areas of cupboards, baseboards, beneath stoves and refridgerators.

For Fleas treat directly on furniture, carpets, closets, and animal resting areas.

This 1-ounce package makes 1 gallon of finished spray.

Safety Data Sheet


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