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Your chimney can make a nice home for a variety of wildlife, especially in the off season, when it is not being used. If your home does not have a cap and screen on its chimney, birds, raccoons, bats, and other wildlife could get in. Over time, this can lead to blockages, which can cause harmful carbon monoxide to enter your home. Optional rain hoods are available to protect from water damage and to help eliminate down drafts. Speed Exterminating installs chimney screens and caps to keep these unwanted critters out.

These are the highest-quality screens on the market. They are hand-welded and hot-galvanized with 13-gauge steel. The anchoring legs are stronger than any product you can buy at home improvement stores, and do not require bolting to the chimney. They are truly built to last!

Contact us if you’d like to have a chimney cap installed, or if you would like us to take a look to see if you already have a chimney cap.

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If you are the “do it yourself” type of person, these chimney caps are available for purchase as well.

Protect your chimney and your home from unwanted pests. Keep birds, racoons, bats, and debris out of your chimney which can cause harmful carbon monoxide to enter your home if blocked.

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