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Commercial Pest Control

Don’t let unwanted critters take away from your business’s bottom line. Get the experts at Speed exterminating to take care of the problem, or better yet, see what we can do to prevent a problem from occurring. Our Ohio Department of Agriculture licensed technicians specialize in the treatment and prevention of pests in hospitals, nursing homes, apartments, hotels, day care facilities, office buildings, schools, restaurants, factories and bars.

We provide free, no obligation estimate, and our work is guaranteed. So you can be assured you are getting the best service at competitive prices.

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Local and Effective Service for Any Industry

Hospitals & Healthcare

Pest prevention is key when it comes to protecting your patients and your facility. Call Speed Exterminating to see how we can help. Regularly scheduled preventative treatments are available.

Nursing Homes

Bed bugs, mice, moths, and other pests can easily become a problem in nursing homes. Contact your local pest control experts at Speed Exterminating if you suspect a problem.


If your apartment building has a pest problem, you are not alone. All types of bugs and rodents love to make themselves at home with your tenants. Contact Speed Exterminating to take control.

Hotels & Hospitality

Bed bugs can wreak havoc on a hotel’s guests and reputation. Mice, rats, bees, and other pests can do the same. Speed Exterminating can help -- guaranteed.

Day Care Facilities

Keeping your facility clean and safe is an important part of your work. Disease-carrying pests like flies and rodents can diminish that reputation. A bees nest can quickly lower your attendance. Contact our friendly staff for help.

Office Building & Retail

Insects and rodents don’t care what type of business you are running: they can invade just about anywhere. If you need help getting a pest problem under control, our work is guaranteed. Contact us today.


Exterminators should be scheduled multiple times per year at any school to prevent termites, bees, rats, and mice. Let Speed Exterminating be your go-to professionals for any pest problems.


Your customers’ health and your restaurant’s reputation is on the line when it comes to the pests that want to get in. There are no bugs or rodents that Speed Exterminating can’t eliminate. Contact us today.


If you have rats, mice, flies, ants, or any other pest in your factory, manufacturing facility, or business building, we can help.


Bars are notorious for attracting all types of insects and rodents. If you suspect a problem, contact your local pest control experts at Speed Exterminating.

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Residential Pest Control from Speed Exterminating

The Do It Yourselfer

Think you’ve got what it takes to tackle your pest problem? We have a full line of products available online and in store to help treat a multitude of problems.

Don’t hesitate to contact us before placing an order to make sure you are getting the right product. Our friendly staff are full of helpful tips.

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