Viper Insecticide Concentrate - Four 1 ounce vials


Viper Insecticide is a highly effective concentrate you mix with water. Mix at a rate of 1/2 ounce or 1 ounce of concentrate in a gallon of water. Great for preventative treatment in and around the home. Mix at the lower rate for an economical long lasting foundation treatment to prevent stink bugs, ants, millipedes or other occasional pests. Mix at the higher rate for stubborn infestations of Fleas, Cockroaches Ants or Yellow Jackets! 

Long lasting, quick knockdown and low odor.

Active ingredient Cypermethrin

Easy to mix, each box contains four 1 ounce vials

Viper is an exact replacement to Bonide's Cyper Eight Insecticide 

Safety Data Sheet


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