Cessco 5E Insecticide


14 ounce Aerosol spray insecticide for the treatment of Bedbugs, Fruit Flies, small Gnats, Drain Flies, stinging insects, ants, wasps, cockroaches, spiders, flying insects, and other insects.

Extremely effective natural Pyrethrin insecticide! Use this product as a flushing agent to determine where insect nests and hiding areas exist. Use the crack and crevice injection straw to contact kill insects in wall voids and other hidden areas or spray directly on pests for quick relief of unwanted insects and spiders. 

Works great in food handling areas to eliminate small flies! 

Cessco 5E is a great tool to use on it's own or in conjunction with other residual insecticides. Read and follow the label carefully, do not use directly on food.

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Safety Data Sheet


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